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All entries before this point were associated with Luceti!
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This is Panda's appointments and continuations post. If we need to continue a recaptcha'd log or do something outside of posts, it will go here!

Just be sure to include the date and type of interaction, like "Action, December 14th" and whatnot.
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[It's a lovely (enough) day in Luceti, and Panda has discovered something interesting while on one of his daily walks to get bamboo. He's found a young tree growing at the edge of the forest, one he's never seen before, and he decides to climb onto one of the low branches and enjoy a snack.

Of course, while he's snacking, he has an important question to ask.]

Everyone, everyone...! If you died and were reincarnated, whose servant would you want to be in your next life? I'm...

[There's a loud crack coming from behind Panda.]

What's that?

[And then the snap is even louder, and the video catches Panda falling to the ground. He yells, and in alarm, through his journal to the side...revealing that the branch underneath Panda couldn't support his weight and snapped off.

He yells "Ahh...ahhh...!" repeatedly and for quite a while, and continues to flail before the wind knocks over his journal, ending it.]

[ooc; post is shamelessly based on this.]
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[Phone calls locked to aristocracy!]

[Welcome to the 1950's. Mr. Panda is a successful banker and father known around town as a jovial and, unfortunately, clueless man. His biggest successes are Bearbank, his little princess Pilouette, his very dear daughter Toph...and, eh, there might be a third child in the middle there somewhere. Maybe.

Now that he's made his wealth, he spends a lot of his time gossiping! So if you're in the aristocracy and/or on good terms with Panda, you might get one of the following phone calls.]

[Night One]

Hello, hello...! Do you ever want to pick up a really awesome talent, even if it means you have to risk your life to learn it? Is there anyone in town like that?

[Night Two]

Hello, hello...! Don't mind me, just go ahead and start talking! Ah! But first, don't you get a really good feeling when you say "Mr. Panda" out loud? It's great, isn't it?

[Night Three]

Hello, do you think I should get beautiful women to fall in love with me without even trying? With Pillo and Toph and the other at the dance, I realize it's very quiet around here...

[Option 4]

[On night one, two, or three, Panda is still going to call your character...but what he talks about will be a total surprise! Are you brave enough to take that call?]

OOC notes )
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[When Panda wakes up, he knows right where he is immediately. He has those same wings that aren’t quite cute enough for a panda. He recognizes where he is, too. He’s not far from the same building he lives in. Yep, everything is normal so far...except it’s a bit hotter than normal. Maybe he accidentally hibernated? That would explain why he’s been dreaming about home for so long! Almost like he’s been back for more than a few months. But that would be silly.

Of course, if he needs food, he has to check his room. And when that’s empty, he head’s to Shinji’s place. It’s also empty. He almost goes into Pilouette's room, but that's just asking for a vacuuming and it's too hot for that. That’s when things go from bad to worse and a panda who doesn’t know he’s been gone addresses the network. For those who know him might recognize that he’s a bit quieter than usual. That won't last long.]

...Shinji-kun is gone. It doesn’t look like he left anything behind.

[Translated: Shinji isn’t home right now. There’s no bamboo at all. Despite the video being on, Panda is fixed on something in the distance instead...]

I'm sure he doesn't want us to be sad, even if he looks like he is all the time. Instead, he probably wants us to talk about me. [The panda sighs dramatically. It's so tough, being comforting...!] It's getting really hot really quickly, isn't it...? That's not good for my fur at all.'s so much effort to be cute sometimes.

[He looks down at the journal recording he sad? It's hard to tell sometimes, but he sure looks sad. Before he closes it, he makes one last confession.]

I'll be in Shinji's bed if anyone needs me. I don't really feel like walking anywhere, so someone should bring me some bamboo, right?

[And then he shuts the journal and turns to look at Penpen-san, a pretty clear indicator that Shinji isn't back home. They can make their own fun now that Shinji is gone.]

[ooc; forward-dated to a sane time on the 5th!]
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[Someone has given Panda an idea. Christmas, admittedly, isn’t a big holiday for him. There are presents and sweet foods and he’s sure to exploit that every year, but he hadn’t even realized it was December in Luceti until Pilouette told him everything.

He’s blushing through his fur as he turns on his journal, ready to address his city.]

Secret Santa...! [That explains everything, right? He repeats it again.] We're having a Secret Santa for Christmas! Pilouette told me about it, and now we're going to do one. Isn't that going to be fun?

[Normally, he'd end the message there...but this is a plan that involves presents, so he starts explaining further.]

I put up a cute panda box in the lobby of building four. If you come and write your name on the cute panda paper provided and put it in the box, someone will give you a gift at my very first Panda Christmas Party! Doesn't that sound like a lot of fun? I'll even give all of you a week to sign up before telling you who have to give a gift to!

[Ahh, he can't believe it. It will be amazing. Bamboo decorations, panda-shaped cakes and cookies, cute Santa hats to make certain pandas even cuter...! And presents!]

The party is going to be on the 18th. That sounds good, right? That's a week before Christmas, so it's a perfect time for Panda Christmas. Pilouette and Shinji will be helping me, too. [Not that he's asked them yet...but it's such a good idea, how could they say no?] So, please sign up today! That's all there is to it! If anyone has questions, try not to make them too bothersome.

[ooc; This is backdated to the afternoon of the 4th. This is the IC announcement for the IC Secret Santa. You don't have to reply to be included! This is just so people can hear about it, etc.]
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[November 17th]

[Panda's been signing up for special missions as often as he can, but he never gets chosen for them. When he is chosen, he decides to share it with the journal so everyone can hear. It is his first mission, after all.]

Yaaay! I'm going on a mission! Isn't that exciting? I usually sign up for them and hope I don't get chosen, but this time I'm looking forward to it.

Hmm...what should someone going to the desert wear...?

[After making his announcement, Panda moves rather quickly to the clothing shop. He wears clothes on occasion...usually when he wants to fit in with his surroundings...and this is one of those occasions. He can be found trying on all sorts of things. In particular, he seems to be trying to decide between Darth Panda style or Biker Gang Panda style. It's a hard choice indeed. Which will strike fear into his enemies more...?]

[November 22nd]

[It's the day after the mission, and Panda still hasn't made it home. He crawled into the first empty apartment room he could find and has been sleeping there on and off for almost a day. It's unlikely anyone notices he's missing, given his tendency to sleep in weird places, but he addresses the journal.]

Ehhh...missions aren't fun at all. Even though they're easy for someone like me, I'm never going on one again.

[After he gets hungry (which isn't long after he looks at his journal), he crawls to the grocery store. He can be found snacking there on bamboo, or he can be found sleeping in the furniture store. He wanted another bed, so he went straight for the closest building and pulled himself up. He might be cowering under the covers just a little.]

[ooc; This is a before/after kind of post for the stupid Panda who decided to try helping others for a change. He'll respond to anyone on either day or both if your character would speak to him twice.]
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Hey, hey, Lessetti! I've got another question for you.

[Once again, the Panda who should probably not have a journal has decided to use it. He only uses it when he's bored...which is pretty often lately. It's great how he can listen and see what other people are saying. It's like the journal is reality television!

But today he needs it for himself.]

Why do you all go to work? You're not getting paid, right? Isn't it a waste of time? What happens if you don't show up for work...? Do you get kidnapped?

I've been so bored lately...there really isn't anything to do, so I was thinking I might get a job, too. Is there a job where I can laze around and do nothing? Or eat bamboo? And working two days a week is probably enough, don't you think?

Ah! And before I forget, Flynn Shi-Foh had a great idea! He told me to tell you what to do if someone tries to attack you with a vacuum, like that really mean girl Pilouette. If that ever happens, you should panic! Wait until they're done, and then you should run away.

Any questions?

[There will be lots of questions, right? After making such an exhausting post (he worked so hard, right?), Panda is going to reward himself by looking for cute things in the item store. He'll also go to the grocery store to pick up his bamboo for the day...

...but something is different. The walk over was so cold and windy. Being inside is so much warmer. If anyone approaches Panda, he won't notice at fact, he's standing, but not moving. Whatever could be wrong?]
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[Once again, there is a panda on the journal. Someone should look into taking it away from him. This time, he's got a backpack on, and he's got a very important message for everyone.]

Goodbye, Loocity!

[He's leaving.]

I was thinking...with how crowded it was a while ago and how we ran out of bamboo, it's time for me to leave. I haven't really had a very fun time, but I'm sure you're all going to miss me a lot! It's been a dull vacation! [He pauses.] Actually, I was going to leave yesterday, but I tired myself out thinking of how much packing I'd have to do.

[He waves to the journal.] Goodbye! Maybe I'll come back another time, but I wouldn't count on it. [And there. He finally closes it.

Unfortunately for Panda, he hasn't quite realized that there' way out. He figures there's a bus stop or train station around somewhere, so he can be found all over town looking for them. Of course, he'll break down and eat bamboo sometimes. Or you might just find him laying on the ground in the middle of the road, panting like this is the most work he's done since arriving (it is).

Once someone (hopefully) fills him in, he'll bit hitting Good Spirits Bar and 7th Heaven looking for some bamboo and coffee. Don't mind the panda just pulling up a seat and sitting at the bar.]
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Yaaaaay! I found it! [This is Panda’s first time using his journal on his own. It’s so cool!] It’s just like a smartphone...eheh. Everyone can see this, right? I finally found my panda notebook! Anyways, I don't really know any of you that's been so hot that I've been eating bamboo in my room all day.

[And that’s how this trainwreck starts. Panda is filming himself holding a notebook he picked up that’s a panda. There are clearly things written inside, and he seems to be eager to share what he wrote down.]

Let’s see...where should I start...Did you know Wolverine really likes kids? I’ve never met a wolverine before... [Oh. Oh no. Panda wrote down what the trees told him.] Shinji has the hots for his roommate...I think I’ve met him before! Ehh...he’s kind of scrawny though. [Flip. Flip.] Masaomi doesn’t like boobs at all, but he really likes legs! Isn’t that really strange? And this Yun girl knows everyone’s secrets...Ahaha! That sounds like a fun superpower!

[And then, the Panda shuts his notebook. He must be out of them...but then he reaches for a second notebook. Apparently, he didn’t do a very good job of organizing them. He’s still got dirt to spread.]

Shikamaru likes to sing in the shower with his roommate. Eh...but is that a cute girl...? There’s someone named Gold, too, and he’s never even been kissed...that’s really sad, isn’t it? [He flips to another page. He’s got plenty of random things written down.] They also told me that Adell hates women, especially harpies. seems like everyone doesn’t like them, huh. I also heard that Yotsuba is missing a few crayons from her box! Isn’t that just awful? And Pilouette-chan is a gang leader! Uwaaaah! That’s so scary, isn’t it? She’s the meanest!

[And then he shuts his notepad. He’s done for real this time.] Ehh...I don’t know most of those people, though. These panda notebooks are just super cute, aren’t they? Just like me. [He laughs, moving his notebook so everyone can see.] I had almost forgotten about all of these facts, too...! Hey, does anyone else have any embarrassing secrets they’d like to share? I can write them down for you!

[ooc; And this is Rune, off of hiatus! o7 It's good to be back.]


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